Bonus Ace

Our Mission: To provide real, honest, and trustworthy reviews for online bonuses related to poker, casino, sports, and bingo for beginners or grinders in a well organized and easy to understand fashion.

Bonus Ace is a project created after years working with other clients in the gambling industry. This website exists as an unbiased and honest database of the best online bonuses for poker, casino, sports, and bingo and clearly explains how to clear them.

The keyword above is unbiased. Over the years, I’ve worked with many other websites in the gambling industry and the main goal has always been the money. And yes, while I treat this website as a business and intend for it to make money, that is not the number one priority. Other websites have their rankings influenced by special affiliate deals or incentives, or rank their partner rooms based solely on payment. In other words, the room promoted as #1 may only be #1 because they are paying the website for that placement.

I found this dishonest and kept thinking how there should be a place which only shows the objective facts, regardless of the deal offered by the operator. Each client I worked for didn’t want to fully commit to this approach. So I decided to build it myself.

Over the years I’ve seen censored user reviews, removing content at the request of casinos, and publishing straight up lies in hopes to generate more signups. ┬áBonus Ace is a place where none of that will happen.

We value the players first and foremost. If a bonus sucks, we won’t sugar coat it. If a brand is doing something shady, we will report on it. Everything is based off of objective facts that can be checked. We think it’s possible to run an honest and trustworthy business in the gambling industry.

If you ever find anything published that is incorrect, please contact us immediately.

Ace Formula

In order to properly rank our rooms objectively, we created the Ace Formula. This is the default sort you will see across Bonus Ace.

The Ace Formula takes into account various factors and terms related to bonuses offered. We weigh these factors and end up with one number. The higher the number, the better the bonus. The better the bonus, the higher that room will be ranked. Simple, effective, and objective. Learn More.

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Verify & Correct

We believe being proven wrong should be celebrated! It gives us a chance to correct our views and ensure that we are reporting based on 100% fact. If you ever notice something that is incorrect, even if just a minor typo, please contact us.


We are always looking for people as passionate as we are. You can contribute by leaving user reviews on any of the brands, rooms, or casinos. You may also be able to join our team to keep the world informed of news and upcoming promotions. Learn more.