Bodog is the project of Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. The company was founded in 1994 and exploded in popularity in early 2000. Ever since, they’re remained in the background and selectively focus their marketing efforts. They do not accept US players or players from Europe. If you can access Bodog, they offer a 100% up to $1,000 bonus for new players.

If you’re located in the USA, Bodog’s sister site is Bovada Poker which shares traffic with and accepts US players.

Ace Formula

Bodog offers a 100% up to $1,000 poker bonus and is currently ranked #23 out of 28 reviewed poker rooms with an overall score of 52.80.

The breakdown for the Bodog poker bonus using the Ace Formula is shown below:

  • Match: 100%
  • Amount: $1000
  • Value: 30%
  • VIP Value: 3%
  • Rake per Day: $55.56

((100 + 1000) / 55.56) + (30 + 3) = 52.80

More Details

You can find even more details about the Bodog bonus below:

  • Bonus Code: None Required
  • Expiration: 60 days
  • Total Rake Required: $3333.33
  • Points Earned per $1 Rake: 3
  • Total Points Required: 10000
  • Points Per Day: 166.67

Visit for more details and to download the official Bodog software.

Activating the Bonus

Bodog doesn’t bother with bonus codes, so don’t worry about entering one when creating your account or making a deposit. If you don’t yet have an account at Bovada, consider using our links to visit Bodog to download the software. This will help support our site at no additional cost to you.

The $1,000 bonus is a 100% match meaning a $1,000 or larger deposit is required for the maximum amount. However, due to some deposit limitations, all deposits made within 24 hours after your first deposit will count towards the bonus.

Clearing the Bonus

Bodog’s bonus is released in tiers, rather than by a fixed amount. There are 6 levels in all, which are shown below:

TierPointsBonus Release

In other words, once you collect 100 points, $10 of the bonus becomes yours. If you collect 400 more points, for 500 total, $40 more of the bonus will be released, for $50 total. This continues on until 10,000 points are earned for the full $1,000 bonus. Each tier has the same clearing rate.

This structure is generally worse for most players as it’s very top heavy. In order to receive the most benefit from the bonus, you need to clear all tiers, which is unattainable for many players.

Points are earned at the rate of 3 per $1 in rake or tournament fees. This means the full 10,000 points will require paying $3,333.33 in rake. This puts the value of the bonus at 30%, with points adding a small 3%, for 33% total.

The bonus expires in 60 days, so you need to act fairly quickly. Rake per day for pace is $55.56, or 166.67 points per day.

Hands to Clear the Bonus

The below table shows an approximation of how many hands it will take to clear the full $1,000 bonus. These numbers may not 100% exact and should be used as an average to give you a general idea, rather than an accurate amount. This is because the rake generated varies widely based on playing style. In general, aggressive players generate more rake while more conservative players generate less rake. Therefore, if you tend to play more aggressive, it may take you fewer hands, whereas if you play more tight, it may take you more hands.

Stake Total Hands Hands per Day
$10 NL 505,050 8,418
$10 NL 6M 326,797 5,447
$25 NL 209,643 3,494
$25 NL 6M 141,844 2,364
$50 NL 119,048 1,984
$50 NL 6M 78,802 1,313
$50 NL HU 74,239 1,237
$100 NL 67,476 1,125
$100 NL 6M 48,239 804
$100 NL HU 54,825 914
$200 NL 45,600 760
$200 NL 6M 33,267 554
$200 NL HU 43,346 722
$400 NL 30,441 507
$400 NL 6M 25,582 426
$400 NL HU 41,981 700
$600 NL 25,272 421
$600 NL 6M 21,519 359
$600 NL HU 42,088 701
$1,000 NL 21,450 358
$1,000 NL 6M 19,436 324
$1,000 NL HU 40,064 668

$10 = Stake
NL = No Limit
6M = 6-Max/Shorthanded
HU = Heads Up

If you play tournaments instead of cash games, below is how many tournament fees are required, along with pace per day. These numbers are 100% accurate and the same for every player since tournament fees do not vary per player.

Game Total Fees Fees per Day
Tournaments $3333.33 $55.56

Get Started at Bodog

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