Party Poker is most well known for their early partnership with World Poker Tour and absolute dominanceĀ of the online poker market pre 2005. While they’re no longer the leading force they are still active worldwide outside of the US and offer new players a 100% up to $500 bonus.

Ace Formula

Party Poker offers a 100% up to $500 poker bonus and is currently ranked #17 out of 28 reviewed poker rooms with an overall score of 71.00.

The breakdown for the Party Poker poker bonus using the Ace Formula is shown below:

  • Match: 100%
  • Amount: $500
  • Value: 25%
  • VIP Value: 10%
  • Rake per Day: $16.67

((100 + 500) / 16.67) + (25 + 10) = 71.00

More Details

You can find even more details about the Party Poker bonus below:

  • Bonus Code: None Required
  • Expiration: 120 days
  • Total Rake Required: $2000
  • Points Earned per $1 Rake: 2
  • Total Points Required: 4000
  • Points Per Day: 33.33

Visit for more details and to download the official Party Poker software.

Activating the Bonus

The 100% up to $500 bonus offered by Party Poker is for new players only who have never made a deposit. If you’re looking to earn a bonus, and haven’t yet created an account at Party Poker, please consider supporting our website by using our links to visit Party Poker prior to becoming a real money player.

There are no bonus codes or anything to enter when making your deposit. It’s automatically triggered when your first deposit is made. Deposit $500 or more for the full $500 bonus.

Clearing the Bonus

First and foremost, let’s talk time line. Players have 120 days to meet the bonus clearing requirements, which is above average and plenty of time even for small stakes players to earn the full amount.

Players must collect 8 points for every $1 of bonus funds. $5 of the bonus will be released every time 40 points are earned until the full amount has been collected. The full $500 bonus requires a total of 4,000 points.

Party Points are awarded the same for cash game and tournaments, 2 points per $1 in rake/fees paid. This makes the calculation really easy; players pay $.50 per point and receive $.50 of the bonus by collecting 4 points, meaning the bonus has a value of 25%. The VIP value adds an additional 10% for an overall value of 35%.

With the long time line to meet the requirements, the rake required per day is really low at just $16.67 for pace. If it’s easier for you to track points, that’s just 33.33 points per day for pace. In all, players will pay $2,000 in rake for the $500 bonus.

Hands to Clear the Bonus

The below table shows an approximation of how many hands it will take to clear the full $500 bonus. These numbers may not 100% exact and should be used as an average to give you a general idea, rather than an accurate amount. This is because the rake generated varies widely based on playing style. In general, aggressive players generate more rake while more conservative players generate less rake. Therefore, if you tend to play more aggressive, it may take you fewer hands, whereas if you play more tight, it may take you more hands.

Stake Total Hands Hands per Day
$10 NL 303,030 2,525
$10 NL 6M 196,078 1,634
$25 NL 125,786 1,048
$25 NL 6M 85,106 709
$50 NL 71,429 595
$50 NL 6M 47,281 394
$50 NL HU 44,543 371
$100 NL 40,486 337
$100 NL 6M 28,944 241
$100 NL HU 32,895 274
$200 NL 27,360 228
$200 NL 6M 19,960 166
$200 NL HU 26,008 217
$400 NL 18,265 152
$400 NL 6M 15,349 128
$400 NL HU 25,189 210
$600 NL 15,163 126
$600 NL 6M 12,912 108
$600 NL HU 25,253 210
$1,000 NL 12,870 107
$1,000 NL 6M 11,662 97
$1,000 NL HU 24,038 200

$10 = Stake
NL = No Limit
6M = 6-Max/Shorthanded
HU = Heads Up

If you play tournaments instead of cash games, below is how many tournament fees are required, along with pace per day. These numbers are 100% accurate and the same for every player since tournament fees do not vary per player.

Game Total Fees Fees per Day
Tournaments $2000 $16.67

Get Started at Party Poker

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