Sky Poker is a popular European brand which is better known for its casino and sportsbook. They offer a 200% up to £500 bonus, along with a £10 no deposit bonus which is given in tournament tickets. The no deposit bonus also comes with NO clearing requirements or attachments, which is pretty rare these days.

Ace Formula

Sky Poker offers a 200% up to £500 poker bonus and is currently ranked #19 out of 28 reviewed poker rooms with an overall score of 66.80.

The breakdown for the Sky Poker poker bonus using the Ace Formula is shown below:

  • Match: 200%
  • Amount: £500
  • Value: 40%
  • VIP Value: 10%
  • Rake per Day: £41.67

((200 + 500) / 41.67) + (40 + 10) = 66.80

More Details

You can find even more details about the Sky Poker bonus below:

  • Bonus Code: None Required
  • Expiration: 30 days
  • Total Rake Required: £1250
  • Points Earned per £1 Rake: 10
  • Total Points Required: 12,500
  • Points Per Day: 416.67

Visit for more details and to download the official Sky Poker software.

£10 No Deposit Bonus

Before you make a deposit, you might as well take advantage of Sky Poker’s £10 free bonus. This bonus does not require a deposit and is given to all new accounts on the Sky network.

To claim the £10 free offer, visit (you can use this link to support our website) and click Join Now. Enter your basic details in step 1, then click “Continue to Step 2”. Here you will setup your username and such, but most importantly you need to make sure to enter the Sky Poker promo code POKER under Welcome Bonus, as shown below:

Sky Poker Promo Code "POKER" for £10 Free

Sky Poker Promo Code “POKER” for £10 Free

The promo code may already be filled out for you, but if not, don’t forget to add it! If you don’t enter the code, you won’t receive the free £10.

As mentioned earlier, the bonus is given in tournament tickets. In all, you will receive:

  • 2 x £2.20
  • 2 x £3.30

This means you won’t be able to play cash games, but the tickets can be used in any multi-table tournament or sit & go. You can also combine your tickets to play a higher buy-in.

There are NO CLEARING REQUIREMENTS for this no deposit bonus, which is pretty sweet. This means if you happen to hit a big score in a tournament, you won’t have to worry about earning a certain amount of points before you can cash out. The money is yours and yours forever, no strings attached!

This truly is a risk free bonus, so claim your £10 free today!

Activating the £500 Deposit Bonus

Once you claim the no deposit bonus, you may want to consider depositing and earn an even larger bonus. Deposit any amount £10 or larger and receive a doubled match bonus. In other words, a £50 deposit will earn you a £100 bonus, up to a maximum of £500 (with a £250 or larger deposit).

No Sky Poker bonus codes are required for the deposit bonus, it activates automatically upon making your first deposit.

Yes, you can claim the £500 deposit bonus offer after you claim the £10 free offer, so don’t worry about that.

Clearing the Bonus

Even though the £10 no deposit bonus has no clearing requirements attached to it, the deposit bonus does. Earn Poker Points under the Sky Poker Rewards club. Each time 250 points are collected, £10 of the bonus will be released.

Points are awarded at the rate of 6 per £1 contributed in rake while playing cash games, and 10 per £1 in tournament fees paid. This means the bonus clears is more valuable for tournament players. A total of 12,500 points are required, which will cost £1,250 in tournament fees or £2,083.33 in cash game rake. You gain 40% more value playing tournaments, so we suggest doing that unless you only play cash.

The bonus expires in 30 days, which sets the rake per day pace at £41.67 (tournaments) or £69.44 (cash games). Points per day for pace is 416.67. This is pretty difficult to clear considering Sky Poker is own its own network and traffic isn’t very high, but it’s not impossible if you have the time and can multi-table.

VIP Value

If you can collect 10,000+ poker points per month, you will make the minimum tier of the Sky Poker Priority Rewards. Bronze level is anywhere from 10,001 – 19,999 points in one month. This levels awards a straight 10% rakeback meaning if you can clear the full bonus, your £1,250 paid in rake will be worth £125, setting the VIP value at 10%.

Hands to Clear the Bonus

The below table shows an approximation of how many hands it will take to clear the full $500 bonus. These numbers may not 100% exact and should be used as an average to give you a general idea, rather than an accurate amount. This is because the rake generated varies widely based on playing style. In general, aggressive players generate more rake while more conservative players generate less rake. Therefore, if you tend to play more aggressive, it may take you fewer hands, whereas if you play more tight, it may take you more hands.

Stake Total Hands Hands per Day
$10 NL 189,394 6,313
$10 NL 6M 122,549 4,085
$25 NL 78,616 2,621
$25 NL 6M 53,191 1,773
$50 NL 44,643 1,488
$50 NL 6M 29,551 985
$50 NL HU 27,840 928
$100 NL 25,304 843
$100 NL 6M 18,090 603
$100 NL HU 20,559 685
$200 NL 17,100 570
$200 NL 6M 12,475 416
$200 NL HU 16,255 542
$400 NL 11,416 381
$400 NL 6M 9,593 320
$400 NL HU 15,743 525
$600 NL 9,477 316
$600 NL 6M 8,070 269
$600 NL HU 15,783 526
$1,000 NL 8,044 268
$1,000 NL 6M 7,289 243
$1,000 NL HU 15,024 501

$10 = Stake
NL = No Limit
6M = 6-Max/Shorthanded
HU = Heads Up

If you play tournaments instead of cash games, below is how many tournament fees are required, along with pace per day. These numbers are 100% accurate and the same for every player since tournament fees do not vary per player.

Game Total Fees Fees per Day
Tournaments £1250 £41.67

Get Started at Sky Poker

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