Stan James is a brand most well known in the UK with over 90 betting shops across the country. Their online presence isn’t as large as some other European brands but their main focus is on the UK, which may make them a better choice for people in the United Kingdon. Their 200% up to $1,375 opening poker bonus offer is pretty solid, and they also offer a $10 bonus without a required deposit, which is given out in tournament tickets.

Ace Formula

Stan James offers a 200% up to $1,375 poker bonus and is currently ranked #15 out of 28 reviewed poker rooms with an overall score of 74.40.

The breakdown for the Stan James poker bonus using the Ace Formula is shown below:

  • Match: 200%
  • Amount: $1375
  • Value: 21.57%
  • VIP Value: 36.27%
  • Rake per Day: $95.15

((200 + 1375) / 95.15) + (21.57 + 36.27) = 74.40

More Details

You can find even more details about the Stan James bonus below:

  • Bonus Code: None Required
  • Expiration: 67 days
  • Total Rake Required: $6375
  • Points Earned per $1 Rake: 10
  • Total Points Required: 63750
  • Points Per Day: 951.49

Visit for more details and to download the official Stan James software.

$10 No Deposit Bonus

If you’re looking to signup at Stan James, it’s likely you’re hunting for a no deposit bonus. If that’s the case, you have found an offer that truly is free with no deposit needed along with no clearing requirements.

To claim this offer, you can use our links to visit Stan James, which will help support the website. It’s only for new accounts, so upon visiting you will have to signup and create a brand new account. There is nothing special you have to do, or any code that needs to be entered.

Upon completing your account, the $10 will be credited to your account the following Monday morning. In other words, if you signup on Tuesday, you won’t receive the $10 until 6 days later. This delay can be a bit annoying, but rest assured your funds will arrive.

The $10 free isn’t given as cash. Instead, you will receive two $5.50 tournament tickets. Unfortunately, you also can not use these tickets in any tournament. You can only signup for one of two tournaments, which are shown below:

$200 ADDED Knockout Bounty
Every Monday at 19:45 UK time.

$200 ADDED Survivor Tournaments
Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 21:00 UK time.

These are both multi-table tournaments, so if you play well and get a good run of cards, the $10 free could turn into hundreds more. The tickets also do not have an expiration, so you can save them and use them when you’re ready.

While this free money offer is a bit limiting, it comes with the added bonus of not requiring any wager or clearing requirements. In other words, if you win $500 in one of the tournaments, that money is yours to do as you please immediately, including cashing it all out and making it rain once it hits your bank account.

Activating the Bonus

After the no deposit bonus has been claimed, if you’re looking to make an actual deposit, you can take advantage of their 200% up to $1,375 deposit bonus. This bonus requires no bonus code, it’s automatic upon making your first deposit. A minimum deposit of $10 is required.

The bonus is split into two parts, 200% up to $1,250 offer and a 20% instant bonus, up to $125. The instant bonus is credited to your account immediately, which means if you deposit $625 for the max bonus, you will actually have $750 in your account. However, this instant bonus must be cleared within 7 days, which is explained below.

Clearing the Bonus

Instant Bonus

Since the instant bonus has such a short expiration (only 7 days), let’s start there. This bonus requires earning 10 times the amount in loyalty points. This means the maximum amount ($125) would require 1,250 points.

Deposit Bonus

The $1,250 deposit bonus is given out in 50 equal chunks. This means the max $1,250 bonus is awarded in 50 increments of $25. Each increment requires earning 1,250 points. The total $1,250 bonus will require 62,500 points. The full amount must be earned within 60 days.

Earning Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are awarded at the rate of 10 per $1 in fees or rake paid. This means 1,250 points for the instant bonus would require paying $125 in rake. Doing the math shows the instant bonus has a sick value of 100% return. Just make sure you can clear $125 in rake in one week since the bonus is all or nothing! Failure to earn 1,250 points in 7 days means the instant bonus will be removed from your account.

The $1,250 deposit bonus requires paying $125 for each $25 chunk, bringing the value much lower than the instant bonus at 20%. The overall value of both together is 21.57%.

It will be hard to make pace on this one at the lower stakes as it requires a total of $6,375 in rake within 67 days. This beings the pace per day to $95.15, or 951.49 points per day.

Honestly, it’s highly unlikely that most players will be able to clear the full bonus. But it’s not impossible, see the hand charts below to get a better idea.

VIP Value

Stan James’ VIP Program uses a fixed cashback % for Loyalty Points. At the highest level (which is where you will be placed if you make pace) you will earn 30% rakeback.

There are also bi-monthly rake race leaderboards based on how many points are earned during a two week period. The top 40 places award cash, with 1st place earning $700. It’s impossible to give this a fixed value since it depends on how many points other players earn as well. But if you were to earn pace for the bonus (951.49 points per day) you would stand to gain an extra $100-$200 every two weeks. Using the lowball value of $100, you will collect an additional $400 from these leaderboards bringing the total VIP value up to 36.27%.

To put that another way, the total rake required for the bonus is $6,375, and you will receive around $2,312.50 of that back just from points alone.

The value from the loyalty points ends up being much larger than the actual bonus. The total value, both the bonus and VIP, is 57.84%.

Hands to Clear the Bonus

The below table shows an approximation of how many hands it will take to clear the full $1,375 bonus. These numbers may not 100% exact and should be used as an average to give you a general idea, rather than an accurate amount. This is because the rake generated varies widely based on playing style. In general, aggressive players generate more rake while more conservative players generate less rake. Therefore, if you tend to play more aggressive, it may take you fewer hands, whereas if you play more tight, it may take you more hands.

Stake Total Hands Hands per Day
$10 NL 965,909 14,417
$10 NL 6M 625,000 9,328
$25 NL 400,943 5,984
$25 NL 6M 271,277 4,049
$50 NL 227,679 3,398
$50 NL 6M 150,709 2,249
$50 NL HU 141,982 2,119
$100 NL 129,049 1,926
$100 NL 6M 92,258 1,377
$100 NL HU 104,852 1,565
$200 NL 87,209 1,302
$200 NL 6M 63,623 950
$200 NL HU 82,900 1,237
$400 NL 58,219 869
$400 NL 6M 48,926 730
$400 NL HU 80,290 1,198
$600 NL 48,332 721
$600 NL 6M 41,156 614
$600 NL HU 80,492 1,201
$1,000 NL 41,023 612
$1,000 NL 6M 37,172 555
$1,000 NL HU 76,623 1,144

$10 = Stake
NL = No Limit
6M = 6-Max/Shorthanded
HU = Heads Up

If you play tournaments instead of cash games, below is how many tournament fees are required, along with pace per day. These numbers are 100% accurate and the same for every player since tournament fees do not vary per player.

Game Total Fees Fees per Day
Tournaments $6375 $95.15

Get Started at Stan James

If you’re looking to play now, you can visit now from your PC or Mac and start earning your $1,375 deposit bonus!